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For the best birthday party in Texas you've come to the right place. Fun, engaging, magic; hilarious puppets; a dynamic, professional presenter; all lead to one thing: your children having the time of their life!

Your baby only has one birthday party this year...
.save money somewhere else!

Too often people want to try and skimp and save on all the wrong things. A child will never remember their first three birthday parties. By the time they turn 12 they won't let you plan much of their party as that wouldn't be very "cool". So you have eight, maybe nine parties where you as a parent or grandparent get to be really involved in a fun, memorable way. Don't waste that opportunity on extra pizza and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.

Give the children in your life a birthday party they (and their friends) will be talking about for years to come. Professional entertainment is less expensive than you might imagine.


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